New Macau Banknotes is about to Issue, after more than 20 Years

On May 4th, the Executive Council of the Macao SAR completed the discussions on the draft of allowing Bank of China Co., Ltd. and Atlantic Bank Co., Ltd. to launch the new banknotes with a total amount of MOP 37.7 billion each bank. This signifies that Macau will issue new MOP banknotes soon after 20 years.

According to the plan, the Macau banknotes will present the diverse cultural characteristics of Macau and the profound historical heritage of Macau on the basis of improving the security level and using more anti-counterfeiting features.

Bank of China Design Draft Sample

Atlantic Bank Design Draft Sample

On the front of the banknote is the flourishing lotus sculpture and the building of note-issuing; on the back of the banknote is the "Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge" and bridge tower of “China Knot” as the main scene.

After the draft takes effect, the Macau SAR Government will instruct the issuing bank to prepare for the subsequent printing and issuance of new banknotes. The specific date and arrangement will be announced separately.

Macau Commemorative Banknote Review

Macau Olympic Banknote

Release time: 2008

Number of issues: 4 million

The Macau Olympic banknote is the first commemorative banknote issued by the Bank of China (Macau).

Banknote of the 100th anniversary of the establishment of Bank of China

Release time: 2012

Number of issues: 3 million

Macau Zodiac Notes

Release time: 2012 to present

Number of releases: 20 million pairs per edition

The Macau zodiac notes are issued by the Bank of China Macau Branch and the Atlantic Bank Macau Branch, and the first version of the Dragon Banknote is currently the most valuable.