China Launches COVID-19-themed Postage Stamps

With epidemic is raging all over the world,goverments have designed and issued anti-epidemic themed stamps to pay tribute to thousands of first line warriors.

After Iran announced the world's first anti-epidemic themed stamp on March 17.State Post Bureau of The People’s Republic of China announced that China will issue anti-epidemic themed postage stamp.

The set, containing two stamps, is priced at 1.2 yuan each. China Post plans to issue 14.5 million copies of the stamps which were officially released on May 11, 2020.

Design Concept

The stamp is designed on white background, sized 36 * 36 mm, with 13.5 holes in two-centimeter span. The theme pictured people who worked on the frontlines during the lockdown, including medical workers, scientists, police, community workers, volunteers and soldiers of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) .

It means that with the hard work of the people across the country, the epidemic prevention and control has achieved important and periodic success in China, reflecting the fearlessness, hardship and danger .

In addition, a large number of "AI" and other technological elements are interspersed in the picture, which implies the important role played by various cutting-edge science and technology in the anti-epidemic work.

Printing and Security Features

The stamp was designed by a famous Chinese military painter Xiangping Liu and a senior stamp designer Huming Wang, which uses various security features such as security paper, security ink, abnormal perforation, fluorescent coding, which greatly increases the difficulty of counterfeiting.

"This set of stamps does not use abstract symbols, but just use the most ordinary and simple language to convey the intention of the stamps concisely and directly." designer Huming Wang interpreted his original intention in an interview.

This set of stamps is printed by Postage Stamp Printing Bureau of China Post Group Co.,Ltd. It is commendable that during the fight against the epidemic, State Post Bureau donation has accumulated up to RMB 43 million.

High popularity

After the SAS themed stamp,China issued another anti-epidemic stamp. Since COVID-19-themed postage stamps advent, it has received unprecedented widespread attention in the whole society and has been hailed as China's most popular stamp product in the past five years.

Among them, the most popular stamp sheet folder adopts lottery system. There has exceeded 2 million participants to compete,the successful rate is less than one in ten!

Until now, the market price of stamp sheet folder has risen nearly 20 times from the issue price.

Postage Stamp Culture of China

As a national business card, stamps is all-inclusive and have a wide range of subjects, which is an important way for a country to inherit and spread it’s excellent culture.

Stamps have derived an important function since their birth, which is to witness and record major historical events. In China, although stamps have been separated from the use of postage supplies, they are still an important investment collection.

In 2019, the State Post Bureau of China accumulatively issued over 220 million stamp set throughout the year, with the total number of issuance and printing ranking first in the world. The marketing size of stamp collection in China is nearly a billion.

Printing Unit Introduction

Founded in 1959, the Postage Stamp Printing Bureau is directly affiliated to China Post Group Co.,Ltd. and specializes in the design, R&D and production of postage stamps. It has formed an industrial chain featuring sophisticated anti-counterfeiting technology, and integration of originality, design, technology research and development, printing and processing and value-added services.

At the same time, the Postage Stamp Printing Bureau is also the president unit of China International Association for Promotion of Science and Technology Security Identification Union. It is also an important participant and partner of Security Document Summit.