E-Property Certificate has the Same Legal Effect as Paper Vers

In order to further optimize the business environment, on June 2, the Ministry of Natural Resources, the State Administration of Taxation, and the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission jointly issued the "Opinions on Synergistically Promoting "Internet + Immovable Property Registration" to Facilitate the Work of Enterprises and People". 

The "Opinions" mentioned that all localities should actively promote the application of electronic licenses and electronics materials, immovable property certificate and the paper version have the same legal effect.

Why promote the e-property ownership certificates?

1. Legal Aspect: In accordance with laws and regulations, e-property ownership certificates and paper version have the same legal effect.

2. Storage Aspect: The contract of the e-property ownership certificates is digitized, which is convenient for secure and preserve.

3. Personal Aspect: The form of electronic signing of property ownership certificates can be operated without restrictions of time, space and location.

4. Work Efficiency Aspect: Processing is fast; eliminating many tedious steps of paper contracts and improving work efficiency.

What does the "Opinion" say?

1. "Opinions" indicate that where conditions permit, e-certificate that meet national standards should be issued; if the conditions are temporarily unavailable, efforts should be made to provide services such as mailing of paper certificate, self-service printing, etc.

2. At the same time, in accordance with the requirements, to achieve "one code association" to ensure that the business links are consistent, true and accurate, and facilitate the searching of traceability .

3. The "Opinions" also require the implementation of the advance registration system and online processing, further simplify the processing process, shorten the processing time, facilitate the benefit of people and businesses, prevent "one house, two sales", and safeguard the legitimate rights of buyers.

4. Accelerate the establishment of an integrated and unified online "One Window Acceptance" platform, and optimize and clarify the local handling process as soon as possible.