E-Social Security Card issuance exceeded 200 million

The issuance of E-social security cards exceeded 200 million!

It is expected to be widely used in 2-3 years.

At present, the number of physical social security card holders has reached 1.315 billion people, covering 93.9% of the population. That is to say, one in every seven cardholders has applied for an e-social security card at the same time.


E-social security card is an online form of the social security card, it is an electronic certificate and settlement tool. Relying on the national social security card service platform, a social security card online trusted identity system, payment service system and data fusion service system are formed.


After two years of development, the scope of application of the electronic social security card has been spread all over the country, with access to 363 mobile apps and mini programs.


The cardholders can apply for e-social security cards through these channels, scan codes and show certificates, mobile payments, inquire about social insurance, handle transfers, certification of benefits... 38 national "one-network-operated" human and social services are directly accessible at one station.


Local human resources and social security departments have also loaded the electronic social security card with territorial services with local characteristics.