The Qatar Central Bank 5th series of banknotes

The Qatar Central Bank revealed the impending launch and images of the new 5th series of banknotes.

The new series contains two world firsts, it uses NEXUS, this is the purple stripe on the 500 Rial and is a new type of security feature - micro optic embedded stripe. The 5th series also represents the first time that IGNITE® appears on circulating banknotes and the first time that the red/black and red/green colour shift is seen in a note. IGNITE® can be seen on the 50, 100 and 200 Rial banknotes and PUREIMAGEis on the 5 and 10 Rial notes. Holographic patches featuring optically variable depth effects and bespoke imagery appear on the 50, 100, 200 and 500 notes, with Enhanced Geminion every denomination. 

The new banknote of QAR 1 shows Traditional Dhow and the Oyster and Pearl Monument in Corniche.


The new banknote of QAR 5 shows a traditional desert scene comprising fauna (Arab horses, Camel, Oryxes), flora (Al Qataf), and 'hair tent (buryuut hajar).


The new banknote of QAR 10 shows the Lusail Stadium, Torch Tower at Aspize Zone, Sidra Medicine, and Education City.

The new banknote of QAR 50 shows the Qatar Central Bank building and the Ministry of Finance building.


The new banknote of QAR 100 shows Abu Al Qubaib Mosque.


The new banknote of QAR 200 shows the National Museum of Qatar (NMoQ).


The 18mm-wide embedded stripe provides a large micro-optics area that is fully visible from the top to the bottom of the banknote. NEXUS is fully embedded in the paper during the paper making stage and so possesses all the security of a typical thread. However, unlike a standard thread, there are no bridges and so the effects are fully visible from the top to the bottom of the note and not restricted to viewing within windows.


The width of NEXUS is much greater than any typical thread and, when combined with the full visibility across the height of a note, it means NEXUS has the largest area for authentication of any embedded paper security feature.


The advanced manufacturing process used to incorporate NEXUS into the paper produces a substrate with an extremely flat ream shape and no wanderof the stripe. The lack of wander means that the stripe is consistently positioned in the banknote design and this unlocks new design possibilities; a signature can be printed much closer to this embedded stripe than it can be for a standard thread.


The process used for NEXUS was originally pioneered for De La Rues Optiks, which won the Queens Award for Innovation in 2013. Optikshas previously circulated in Qatar, on the 4th Series of banknotes, as well as across Northern Europe, the CIS region, Asia Pacific and the Caribbean. The durability of this type of feature is therefore well proven. With NEXUSthere is now the possibility of dynamic colours, sharp imagery and engaging micro-optic effects. Dr Rob Whiteman, Head of Security Features Development, De La Rue Currency commented: strong public recognition is enabled by the large micro-optic area. This feature is integrated into the paper during the paper manufacturing process so it has the additional security associated with a fully embedded paper security feature. NEXUS is currently available in blue, magenta and purple colours and is targeted where central banks and state printing works need a high impact premium security feature.