How Health QR Core help to control epidemic?

The health QR code is the system for epidemic prevention and control, as of February 24, the health code has been launched in nearly 200 cities across the China. It is a personal QR code generated by citizens or reworked employees. The QR code can be used as an electronic certificate for individuals to travel in this area.

The health QR code implements the three-color dynamic management of "green code, red code and yellow code" . Those who display the green code can pass, those who display the red code and the yellow code will need to isolate themselves and it will be converted to green code after meeting the conditions.

It can not only saves time but also reduces the risk of infection by people gathering and improve the efficiency of prevention and control.

However, a lot of personal information is recorded on the health code, data security and privacy issues have also caused people's concerns.

On March 4, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology encouraged provinces to strengthen their own prevention and control, provide convenience to the people who resumed production. At the same time, they will strictly implement data security and personal information protection measures to prevent data breaches and abuses.