China Social Security Card --- "Digital ID" in Intelligence Age

Social security card is very important to Chinese people as it can use for seeing a doctor, receiving pension and maternity benefits, etc. The sudden outbreak of the epidemic has accelerated the electronic process of social security cards.

What is E-social security card?

E-social security card is an online form of the social security card, it is an electronic certificate and settlement tool. Relying on the national social security card service platform, a social security card online trusted identity system, payment service system and data fusion service system are formed.

Where the e-social security card can be used?

1.    Government affairs services. Such as fast authentication and login government websites, apps etc. Support medical insurance mobile payment (outpatient, drug purchase, hospitalization) and other medical card applications.

2.    Smart city services. It play the role of e-ID, which can combine with transportation, public utilities, micropayments and other scenarios to promote applications in entrance of parks and travel.

3.    Financial services. It provide e-social security card payment services, realize related people's livelihood payment issuance, explore it’s bank account online application, identity verification, credit service.

Technical Features

Relying on the national social security card platform, the e-social security card is supported by the basic information database of holders and physical social security card system, combined with e-verify, biometric identification, AI and other Internet security technology methods.

E-social security card can be claimed from government service apps, several bank spps, Alipay, wechat.

Promotion Statistics

According to the imformation that the number of social security card holders nationwide has exceeded 1.3 billion, and the number of e-social security card recipients has exceeded 150 million. Achieve the sharing of government service information and business collaboration between 32 localities and 46 departments across the country.