China add Blockchain into Highest National Security Standard

Recently, the Chinese government has added anti-counterfeiting and traceability blockchain into the highest national security standard which is also the first time in history. It is reported that the standard will be officially implemented on October 1st 2020.

According to this standard, the security traceability of using blockchain is placed in the highest security level A. In order to ensure security, blockchain technology can be used to store and verify information such as anti-counterfeit data. At the same time, the standard also proposes the implementation requirements of the blockchain in the field of security traceability, and clearly specifies the requirements and operational elements of the blockchain network construction, upload and query. The standard stipulates that blockchain service providers should abide by the supervision and management methods formulated and issued by blockchain service regulatory agencies.

The core value of the blockchain is its decentralization, participants can record it, but they cannot delete it. It has a natural connection with security traceability. In the whole process of product production, delivery, logistics and sales to customers, blockchain technology helps to achieve transparency and traceability of product circulation. When there is a safety problem in the product, consumers and enterprises can quickly find out which link has a problem, which helps to solve the problem of counterfeit and inferior goods in the circulation of goods and protect the rights and interests of consumers.

Blockchain and artificial intelligence technology enable the real circulation of commodities in the supply chain, enable consumers to check evidence, buy with confidence and fully protect consumer rights. For enterprises, big data and artificial intelligence technology is used to analyze consumers' intentions and recommend the most suitable products to consumers based on crowd portraits and so on. In addition, with the help of the super chain's certificate storage capability, key traceability data such as production, logistics and sales can be recorded on the chain and synchronized with public inspection and law enforcement agencies. It can form further binding force on tampering traceability information, so as to realize the one-click rights protection of consumers in subsequent commodity disputes.

Besides the security traceability scenario, the blockchain continues to expand the scope and depth in other fields such as medical, copyright and judicial, realize large-scale replication of industrial blockchain applications, promote the development process of blockchain and ultimately build a trust society. Blockchain included into the highest national security standard is undoubtedly a qualitative leap in the product digital identity and it also further affirms the additive effect of blockchain on the security industry.