National Liquor Brand Wuliangye's “Digital Wine Certification”

Wuliangye, one of China's high-end liquor brands cooperated with Sina Group which combining product anti-counterfeiting with blockchain technology.

The pre-sale of Wuliangye "Digital Wine Certification" was sold out immediately, during two public betas it was sold out within a short period of time, and online sales were extremely popular.

According to the analysis of user data, in addition to the traditional post-60s and 70s consumer, there are also many post-90s young people participating which also known as the "high-end liquor digitalization model".

1. What is Wuliangye "Digital Wine Certification"?

Wuliangye "Digital Wine Certification" is an encrypted electronic delivery certificate.

To put it simply, this certificate uses the latest blockchain technology to anchor the digital wine certification and physical wine one by one. On-chain records of delivery, warehousing, logistics and transportation which can achieve one-item-one-code full period safety and fidelity.

At the same time, the "Digital Wine Certification" has an official authorization certificate from Wuliangye. As the official designated sales platform, introduced the concept of "M2C mode", which strengthened the fidelity protection of products. From raw material collection to sales in the end market, the entire process information is provided to users without giving the space for making and selling fakes has dispelled consumers' concerns, opened up the trust between brands and consumers, and solved the common points in the industry.

2. Innovated in convenience of use and investment value of liquor

The digital wine certification takes the concept of "digital assets" , it create a new situation and greatly improve and optimize the user experience.

While improving the liquidity of liquor assets, it greatly reduces the user's operating threshold when collecting investments, transferring transactions, and giving relatives and friends. This will make the transaction flow process more clearer, and consumers will avoid the trouble of traditional offline liquor purchases and collection.

In terms of the investment and collection value of liquor, the digital liquor certification corresponding to the value of old liquor will also increase with the year grow.

In the context of artificial intelligence and big data, the combination of the offline economy and digitalization, the “Internet+” model has blossomed in almost all the industries, everyone is actively trying the opportunities and challenges.

At present, blockchain technology has been officially included in China's "new infrastructure".

Wuliangye digital wine certification is the integration and development of blockchain technology and high-end liquor industry. It integrates high-end tasting, social gifts, investment and collection together and catered to the needs of social development.

The increase in the young consumer audience will also add new impetus to the digital transformation of the liquor industry.