New “Disabled Soldier Certificate” will issue since Aug. 1st

“Disabled Soldier Certificate” series are valid certificates for disabled soldiers and polices to enjoy preferential treatment.

Disabled servicemen who hold the "Certificate" can enjoy: take free bus, tram and rail vehicles; take train, ship, long-distance buses and civil airliners on 50% discount; museums, memorials, art galleries and other public cultural facilities and parks, exhibition halls, historical sites and scenic spots will offer ticket reduction or exemption according to regulations.

New “Disabled Soldier Certificate”

Original “Disabled Soldier Certificate”

Why not use card but paper certificate?

1.    Compared to card, paper certificate has the characteristics of distinctive type, easy identification, beautiful appearance which can better reflect honor and social respect.

2.    The “Disabled Soldier Certificate” has been used for a long time. This type of certificate has been highly recognized by the society, especially in the railway, civil airliners, public transport, tourism and other departments. It continues to be used to facilitate the identification of relevant departments and ensure preferential treatment.

3.    This type of certificate has the function of remarks on information changes such as the transfer of pension relationship, and the relevant changes can be fully displayed in the certificate, which is very convenient to view and grasp.

Security Features

It mainly adopts more than 10 kinds of paper and security printing technology such as fluorescent fiber, fixed watermark, security thread anti-counterfeiting, anti-counterfeiting flower netting, colorless fluorescent pattern, optical variable ink, hand-painted pattern, which can effectively prevent security document fraud and better protect the legitimate rights and interests of soldiers and polices.

In what ways has the new certificate improved its quality?

First, the cover of the certificate is made of high-quality paper-based filling paper. The cover material is environmentally friendly, degradable and has no harmful substances to human body.

The second is that the internal pages of the certificate use high-security anti-counterfeiting paper, which does not contain fluorescent whitening agent and has obvious anti-counterfeiting features.

The third is in the printing process, the use of Guilloche, rainbow printing, duotone print and other advanced technologies.

The fourth is to implant high-frequency and ultra-high-frequency chips to fit current information technology and leave enough place for future expansion and application.