The Holography Conference

About The Holography Conference

The Holography Conference has tracked and shaped every major development in commercial holography since 1990.

This special event attracts an international audience of hologram users, producers and suppliers – including governments, private companies and academic institutions – offering a platform and showcase for the latest applications, technologies and techniques in holography.

This includes:

  • Latest use of holograms in banknotes
  • Advances in passports and identity documents
  • Specification and integration of OVDs
  • New developments in brand authentication
  • Packaging and printing applications
  • Innovations in holographic origination and materials
  • Production techniques and technologies
  • Market opportunities and industry-wide issues

The programme is enhanced by additional presentations from researchers and producers on novel and innovative applications for holograms or emerging technologies and developments.

This embraces holographic visualisation, photopolymer holograms, display holography, nano- and micro-structures, HOEs and alternative light-control applications.

After a successful run of 30 years, Reconnaissance is now changing the format and delivery of this event to reflect the changes to the industry, which over the years has matured, specialised and diversified. The changes we are making will offering new platform to provide more focus content and engagement aligned to the specialised sectors into which holography has evolved and now operates. .

We will keep the industry posted of our plans. In the meantime, you can keep in touch with all the latest developments in holography via our industry newsletter Holography News or by visiting